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Lioness Media Arts has created more than 60 hours of prime-time non-fiction programming. Rachel Lyon’s films have been featured on The History Channel, National Geographic, PBS, and BBC.

Mr. Dreyfuss Goes to Washington Richard Dreyfuss, NPR Legal Affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg, former Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Pulitzer prize-winner Joseph Ellis offer personal insights into America’s most prominent landmarks. Produced as a two-hour special for the History Channel.







Shadow over Tibet: Stories in Exile The personal story of one Tibetan in exile in the United States, set against the background of the story of the Dalai Lama and the crisis of Chinese occupation. Narrated by Richard Gere.








The Glory and the Power: The Glory and the Power reveals the stories of individuals who live with a disciplined sense of religious piety. The film documents parts of a five-year worldwide study of religious fundamentalism conducted by a team of international scholars in Israel, Egypt, and South Carolina. Watch, and draw your own conclusions.





The Terror Trade - Buying the Bomb Told as a detective story, Eric sells the raw materials of nuclear weaponry on the international black market to the highest bidders, including well-financed terrorist groups.







Only One Earth: The Earth’s increasingly fragile environment is constantly threatened by careless economic development. Is sustainable development a real possibility?







Men who Molest: This Emmy Award-winning documentary feature brought national awareness to the struggle faced by victims of child sexual abuse – and reveals the strange phenomenon of ‘addiction children.’


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