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Rachel V. Lyon


Emmy award-winning documentary filmmaker Rachel Lyon has produced 65 feature films, movies-for-television, feature documentaries and limited series. Her work often focuses on critical global issues, human rights, civil equality, art and archeology, lifestyle, and history.

After breaking into the industry with the acclaimed film Tell Me A Riddle, directed by Oscar winner Lee Grant. Lyon served as Senior Producer for Ted Turner for in the Better World Society/United Nations Foundation, producing over 35 documentaries filmed on five continents. She has now produced over 65 hours of documentary features, for PBS, NBC, CNN, National Geographic and the History Channel, among others.

Lyon's work includes her National Emmy©-awarding winning Men Who Molest for FRONTLINE; exposing the black market trade of selling plutonium in The Terror Trade for CNN; revealing the devastating plight of Tibetan emigrants in Shadow over Tibet; and disclosing the startling effects of fundamentalism in The Glory and the Power. Her most recent duo, Race to Execution and Juror Number Six were broadcast on PBS' Independent Lens and supported by the National Black Programming Consortium.

Lyon has served in academic positions in Media Arts at SMU, Queens College/CUNY and Bentley University, and has spoken at universities around the globe, including Harvard, the London School of Economics and the Cinemateque Françoise. She has raised over $25 million dollars for movies, documentaries, websites, companion books, outreach campaigns, and museum exhibitions that surround her projects.

Her breakthrough work on exposing the 'crime-media business' has evolved to a partnership including ten universities, culminating in a major symposium on Media and Human Rights in America in 2010 at SMU.


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